About Us

Invisible Friend Production was founded by Robbi Perez in 2011, and now includes a diverse staff with several different departments, including promotion, photography, media, and news. It is our goal to provide a unique and fun experience for all concert goers in the greater Kitsap County area. If you would like to talk to us about booking a show, having us feature your band, or for general feedback, please contact invisiblefriendproductions@gmail.com, thanks!


Robbi Perez: Founder, Booker, Promoter. (invisiblefriendproductions@gmail.com)

Josh Kennedy: Booking manager for The Manette and Voyage. Promoter. (totaldrecords@hotmail.com)

Kile Baleto: Booking manager for Voyage. Promoter, flyer design (kilebaleto@gmail.com)

Eric Abalos: Marketing, Promoter.

Caleb Wilson: Staff Editor and Writer for INVISIBLEFRIENDPRODUCTIONS.COM

Jesse Nichols: Videographer/video interviews (Artist spotlight and Invisible friend You-tube channel).

Tiffany Guarnes: Photographer (TG photography)

Morgan Newhouse: Photographer (Viva La MJ Photography)

Hannah Acosta: Photographer (Cryptic Fish Photography)

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