March 16th @ Voyage: A Tale of Two Davids

16 Mar

This Friday @ Voyage: Xylophones, The Mural Project, Less Than Three, & Melody Monster.

This weekend, Voyage in Bremerton WA will be known as Camp David. Why? Because Tacoma was gracious enough to lend us its prized two-piece getup, Xylophones. For those not in the know, Xylophones is the product of David Nichols (drums) and David Bilbrey (guitar, vocals), neither of whom are strangers to the Kitsap music scene. For only having two members, Xylophones still presents a bright, full sonic ambiance. An eclectic blend of jazz influenced indie rock, Xylophones also subtly put out a decidedly 1990’s vibe. Show goers should be prepared for a set filled with gorgeous guitar parts & silky thin vocals backed by gritty drum parts that are unafraid to rock. Playing alongside The Mural Project, Less Than Three, and Melody Monster, the show starts at 7pm. At only 5 bucks, this one’s a steal.

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