March 10th @ The Manette

8 Mar
Christine Salazar

Christine Salazar



Christine Salazar & Her Rad Band, Kids on Fire, The Know Nothingz, & Letters


With a solid background in jazz, it’s not hard to see the influence in Christine Salazar’s voice. An alumni of South Kitsap’s “Highlighters” jazz group, and college group “Soundscape”, it’s clear that Christine had no problem surrounding herself with a technically proficient backing band, hence their deserved title. Christine’s songs feature modulated riffs, driving percussion, and the occasional noodling– at times, the instrumentation of her upbeat numbers are reminiscent of classic rock numbers like The Police, though she’s unafraid to slow things down with down tempo acoustic bits and more traditional pop songs as well. Her crooning of emotionally charged lyrics at times reminds me of Tacoma’s Vicki Martinez. The result is sure to produce a fantastic live show, which you can check out this Saturday night at the Manette in Bremerton.

Facebook event

Listen to tracks off of her debut album “On To Something”

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